Why choose Franc Josquin?

One of the main features of Josquin Consultancy is the fact that Franc Josquin doesn’t work with you solely from his office. In order to work together most optimally, Franc is always visibly active at your company during work. This can be in the core of the factory in the midst of the work flow, but also at the main headquarters. When you hire Franc as a facilitator he will assist and guide you in finding the perfect location for your workshop/conference. Like all services offered by Josquin Consultancy, everything is especially made for your company’s specific needs.

This is a list of skills which have led to companies hiring Josquin Consultancy:

  • Focused on the target,
  • Unconventional working methods,
  • Combining achieving results with a lot of fun,
  • Believing in the potential of people,
  • Conferences will be energizing,
  • Workshops will end in accepted action points.
  • No jumping to conclusions, but analysing precisely,
  • Working together according to ‘ BAD ‘, Brainstorming – Analysing – Deciding,
  • Effective discussing thanks to the wallpaper technique,
  • Space for creative interventions, such as music, painting or percussion.
  • Independent attitude while working.