Facilitating conferences, workshops and strategy meetings

Examples of results achieved by Josquin Consultancy:

  • Raised the employability from 40% to 102% >> risk of work getting on hold due to capacity problems subsequently decreased from 60% to 0%,
  • Reducing the lead time of steel product assembly with 12,5 %,
  • Reducing the lead time of the revision process of a motor product with 50%,
  • Stopping team managers from spending time on daily arrangements and making them really focus on leading the team,
  • Raising the efficiency of the “testing and repairing” process by 15%,
  • Discovering and applying the method  ‘Best Practices’: from 1 to 9 times a day,
  • Work quality increases from 3/10  to 16/20 and absenteeism decreases from 7% to 3,5 %.


Josquin Consultancy offers several programs for workshops and training days. Everything is optimized for the specific demands of your company.

Franc Josquin is known for his style without complications; analyzing the company situation together and working towards solutions with you.

Core competences:

  • Facilitating conferences, workshops or strategy meetings,
  • Executing an action-learning programme: “Improving the product manager”,
  • Organizing and leading client/users-conferences, e.g. to start up Supply Chain Management,
  • Supporting internal reorganisations: making the scenario, consulting the Steering Committee, with Franc Josquin active in the role of “change manager”,
  • Organisation analyses based on Lean Working and IO-technique; identifying quick improvements and carrying them out with people in the organisation!
  • Coaching of people in charge during their work,
  • Teambuilding: scope – targets – competences & roles,
  • Setting up communicaton strategy and making current communication plans,
  • Reducing the meeting hours by half: optimizing the tuning between the several departments.

Examples of services (examples currently in Dutch only, inquire for further English explanation)

  1. Systematic communication
  2. Teamwork
  3. Company pitstop – an example of the 24-hour formula